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Why Fiberglass

An Niagara Sully Blue Pool in Toronto

Durham Fiberglass Pools is an authorized San Juan dealer for the Durham Region and beyond. We are one of the pioneering fiberglass pool dealerships in Ontario.

Fiberglass Pools

The difference between our San Juan Fiberglass Pool product and all others is the actual material used to make the pool itself. All San Juan pools have a permanent, smooth, non-porous finish, similar to the finish of high-quality yachts. This feature alone has many benefits over the common concrete or vinyl pool shell. These benefits include:

  1. A smooth non-porous interior that provides no starting point for algae or bacteria, unlike the rough surface of concrete or the seams of a vinyl liner.
  2. No acid washing, replastering, liner replacement or painting…EVER!
  3. No scraped toes or frayed bathing suits!
  4. Significantly lower chemical usage, which makes for improved water quality and lower operating costs.

Because San Juan Fiberglass Pools are made entirely of hand laid fiberglass, added benefits are:

  1. A superior structural product that far exceeds concrete in flexible strength.
  2. A permanent pool that will never need structural or cosmetic repair.
  3. The best warranty in the industry: 25 years non-prorated on the structural integrity of the shell.

A recent quote from Money Magazine sums up the advantages:

Fiberglass pools are the easiest to maintain. The smooth finish and rounded corners do not chip, tear, or harbor bacteria or algae . . .

Your own investigation will prove just how much sense it makes to make fiberglass your pool of choice. We've done your homework for you so that you can weigh the long-term benefits for yourself:

Feature Fiberglass Pool Gunite (Concrete) Pool Vinyl Liner
Warranty 25 years by the manufacturer 1 to 5 years by the contractor Liner seams only
Time to Install 3 to 5 days 8 to 12 weeks 2 to 3 weeks
Chemical Usage Caused by Pool Surface Pool surface does not affect chemical balance; considerably less chemicals required Gunite increases pH of the water No change
Electrical Usage (Pump Time) 2 to 4 hours daily 8 to 10 hours daily 5 to 7 hours daily
Surface Texture Smooth, non-abrasive to skin and swim wear Rough, causes abrasions on hands, feet, and swim wear Smooth, easily punctured
Algae Penetration Algae sweeps off with wall brush Porous surface of gunite harbours algae, requiring occasional acid baths and scrubbing to remove Algae penetrates seams
Estimated Maintenance Time 1 hour per week 4 to 5 hours per week 2 to 3 hours per week
Resurfacing Frequency Never 1 to 5 years Liner must be replaced periodically
Steps and Seating Built into pool shell Optional at additional cost Optional at additional cost
Quality Control By factory By local contractor By installer
Type of Coping Fiberglass Concrete Aluminum, which may corrode
Objectionable Features None Expensive and time consuming to build and maintain Considered non-permanent or temporary

San Juan Fiberglass Pools

An Atlantic White Pool in Oakville

With the dramatic rise in popularity of fiberglass swimming pools, potential customers should realize that all fiberglass pool are not created equal. Only San Juan can offer these advantages:

  1. The largest selection of models available anywhere.
  2. The best warranty: 25 years for repair or replacement from a 52 year old company.
  3. An entirely hand made pool, with no chopped fiberglass or fillers — the strongest in the industry.

San Juan is the originator of the one-piece Fiberglass Pool, and over 50,000 San Juan pools have been installed since 1958. With over 90 distinctively different models, San Juan has the largest selection of fiberglass pools in the industry. Each one is designed and engineered with a specific purpose for its prospective owner, from lap pools and swim spas for those requiring hydrotherapy to diving and pool/spa combinations. San Juan pools offer function and aesthetic pleasure for every customer.

From a large selection of smaller pools for those new, smaller Ontario backyards, all the way up to the largest family sized pools, we're positive we have the model for you. Some models have a constant 4 foot depth, others the popular wedge shaped bottom up to a 6 foot depth, and we even offer a 16 foot by 46 foot pool with an 8 foot depth for those who like to dive.

With the additional amenities of heating systems, lights, spa systems, decorative ceramic waterline tile, automatic operating systems and decorative concrete decking, Durham Fiberglass Pools can customize your San Juan pool to fit any backyard décor. Let us build one for you today!