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San Juan offers a number of fiberglass spas, each one designed to provide comfort and relaxation while at the same time beautifying any setting into which it is installed.


Length: 6'1"
Width: 6'1"
Maximum Depth: 3'
Area: 27 sq. ft.


Length: 10'9"
Width: 8'3"
Maximum Depth: 3'
Area: 42 sq. ft.


Length: 8'
Width: 8'
Maximum Depth: 3'3"
Area: 44 sq. ft.


Length: 6'9"
Width: 6'9"
Maximum Depth: 3'
Area: 30 sq. ft.


Length: 8'
Width: 8'
Maximum Depth: 3'
Area: 38 sq. ft.


Length: 15'6"
Width: 10'10"
Maximum Depth: 3'9"
Area: 99 sq. ft.


Length: 10'6"
Width: 8'3"
Maximum Depth: 3'6"
Area: 52 sq. ft.


Length: 10'3"
Width: 7'
Maximum Depth: 3'3"
Area: 44 sq. ft.


Length: 8'10"
Width: 8'10"
Maximum Depth: 3'7"
Area: 54 sq. ft.


Length: 11'
Width: 18'2"
Maximum Depth: 3'9"
Area: 120 sq. ft.

You can view three-dimensional images of all San Juan spa models at the San Juan website, or see photos of the spas installed at MyPoolSpace.


Iridium Finishes

Pearl Pearl
Sandy Beach Sandy Beach
Blue Stone Blue Stone
Blue Iridium Blue Iridium
Sea Foam Sea Foam
Granite Granite
Black Galaxy Black Galaxy

Standard Finishes

White White
Bone Bone
Sully Blue® Sully Blue

San Juan spas come as a shell and are custom built to accommodate your requirements, therefore we cannot provide generic pricing. Please contact us for a free quote.